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How To Make Your Hair Color Last Longer? | M.K. Hair Studio and Barber | hair salon Cypress, TX 77429

How will you maintain your new hair color? Please read the following. | M.K. Hair Studio and Barber | hair salon Cypress, TX 77429 

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You adore your new hair color, but how do you intend to retain it? Continue reading!

- Wait at least 48 hours after your color session before washing your hair (more is even better). Limit your washing to three times each week, especially if you have a bright color like red.

- Cold water is kinder to colored hair. Hot water can actually reopen the cuticle of the hair, enabling the color to escape. Cold water, on the other hand, seals in your color.

- Avoid using chlorine! If you plan on going to the pool, consider wearing a swimmer's cap. Alternatively, try getting your hair wet in the shower, applying conditioner, and then not rinsing it out. This will form a barrier on the hair shaft, preventing chlorine from penetrating.

- When your hair gets dry or brittle, it becomes considerably more prone to color fading. Reintroducing hydration is critical. Apply a deep conditioning treatment or hair mask once a week.

- Dead ends will not hold color and will fade much quicker, so trim them every 6-8 weeks to keep your color looking fresh from root to tip.

Now that you know some easy tricks for keeping your hair color looking vibrant, we see nothing but gorgeous hair color days ahead!

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